Geneva is home to UBIS, an innovative young institution that delivers modern programs in Business and International Relations. There is no other city in the world with so much access to the world headquarters of major businesses, financial institutions and international organizations. The UBIS DNA is composed of three main factors: Real World Experience, Individual Attention and an International Perspective. UBIS’ professors are highly experienced professionals. They bring to the classroom real-world problems and analyze them with the critical eye of experience. Our professors will provide students with a strategic framework within which to position the issues that they will be facing in their professional lives.

UBIS keeps a close eye on the evolving needs of the marketplace and is constantly adapting its course content and methodologies to ensure that our graduates are equipped with the necessary knowledge and transferable skills to succeed in the rapidly changing world of work.

UBIS is a truly international community: Our faculty, staff and students come from over 40 different nationalities and from every corner of the world. UBIS also has a strong network of international academic partners and an international Alumni network. Currently, the UBIS’ Family is spread over four continents.

At UBIS a student will not be just a face in the crowd. We pay attention to the needs of every student and aim to deliver a customized and personalized learning experience. Our small class sizes help every student to take advantage of more in-depth discussions and receive individualized feedback from their professors. This is designed to help our students to develop the skills and confidence to succeed in the career they want to follow.

Ms. Ewelina Zatorski, Bachelor student from Poland: When I came to UBIS, all staff members were really friendly. I was surprised that the atmosphere in the University could be so family oriented. The classes are structured. Professors give us cases from professional life; the business plans we design can be realized. I am thinking of creating a start-up project as soon as I graduate next year. At the moment I am involved in studying and in an internship with Deloitte.

At UBIS, we align our programs with the needs of society and build capacities of our students so that they have a firm foundation to navigate through territories they may not be familiar with. Besides providing knowledge and experiences in business and international relations topics, UBIS places great emphasis on the development of the person because the future of work does not demand only technical knowledge of a particular topic. The ability of individuals to constantly adapt and change and find their place in society is also crucial. Therefore, at UBIS we design teaching methodologies that give our students the opportunity to get to know themselves better, to maximize their strengths, to understand their own influence and to have the confidence and courage to implement projects that have a positive impact on the world. In other words, we give them 21st century tools to cope with business and societal challenges that we might not even be aware of yet.

Mrs. Anne Liis Laane Saez, Deputy Director: Our students learn how to develop businesses with meaning and positive lasting impacts on society. They learn system dynamics, meaningful conversation and how to cope with stress and challenges. We place particular emphasis on communication skills in all forms. Students work hard, but they are happy to do so, because they see greater meaning in their educational activities. Students become cooperative, proactive individuals with constructive and positive values to contribute to society.

Besides being experts in business and international relations, our teachers place importance on coaching students in personal growth, psychological development and healthy practices. They work to help our students to build the essential habits and capacities to become the best versions of themselves. In our small classes everyone receives attention and has an opportunity to really get to know their teachers, who are industry professionals and who are eager to share their vast professional experiences and knowledge. Our teachers are right there to support our students’ journey through the challenges of various subjects and to find the best possible solutions to the academic and personal growth issues at hand.

Mr. Ali Muktar, Master student from Turkey: At UBIS I found innovative approaches and personalized activities. Teachers are like real life coaches. Students from UBIS can use the United Nations Library. It is also a great advantage to have access to places where you can build a network. You can easily meet diplomats, consulting agents and politicians from foreign delegations. During Human Rights sessions, while doing registrations for the meetings, you can participate in the conferences and side events. Aside from this, professors can share their contacts through LinkedIn profiles or invite you for an internship at their company. This is because professors come from professional areas of private banking, entrepreneurship, consultancy, finance, law and international relations.

The closing ceremony of a Training Program for Tourism Development and Planning for Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee from Vietnam 2019


  • Aligned with the future of work
  • Innovative
  • Industry experts
  • Individual attention
  • Personal Growth
  • Develop your own projects

UBIS prepares students to succeed as individuals and professionals in the era of the 4th industrial revolution.